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Time To launch & grow Your Business

This workshop is NOT a get-rich-quick workshop, instead, you can learn from SCRATCH how to launch and grow your business online. Scroll down below to learn more or ENROLL in the Live Workshop! Date: 26th August 2022 || Time: 7 pm - 8:30 pm (IST)


"In the workshop, I focus on the fundamentals of starting a business from the validation of your idea, to how to execute that idea by the right basic tech or planning the right marketing funnel and some Do's and Dont's"

Ritaban Dey,

Co-Founder (Vivid Trails Studio)


What You'll Learn:

  • How to plan a Business with or without having to invest

  • Why is a website necessary, and how to build a website from scratch (without coding)

  • How to plan your business strategy, what points to keep in mind while strategizing your business model

  • Understand about Sales Funnel, how to build a sales funnel for your online business

  • How to generate organic and non-organic traffic
  • Dedicated QnA 
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Who can attend this Workshop?

✔️Small Business Owners who want to take their business online.

✔️Online E-commerce business owners who want to grow their presence online.

✔️Freelancers and solopreneurs who want to launch and grow their business online

✔️Anyone with a business idea but looking for ways to execute it online.

✔️Anyone with an online business and want to learn about organic or inorganic marketing techniques

It's TIME! To Grow & Launch Your Business Online

 Just at the price of an   EVENING SNACK!!! 


80% OFF

(Valid for the first 30 registrations)

Date: 26th August, 2022 || Time: 7 pm - 8:30 pm (IST)

The WhatsApp Group will be created 1 Day prior to the session. The Google Meet joining link will be shared on the same group, 15mins prior to the session. 

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