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After the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a huge rise in the digitalization of businesses leading to high competition and increased marketing costs for entrepreneurs. Even for fresh starters, it's very important to find the perfect digital marketing strategy in order to survive the competition. A consultation with a professional digital marketing strategist can not only help you scale your business but also can save you huge marketing costs!


Why this can be helpful!

✔️ You will speak directly to our Co-Founder guiding you and giving you practical guidance and strategy.

✔️ This is a One on One private live session, so you will get personalized guidance which never happens in group sessions. 

✔️ Being a private session all your information will be secure

✔️ You only register after we hear the topics you want to discuss in the live one on one session

✔️ You only register if we can help you with the topics you want us to assist.

✔️ You can follow up via Whatsapp after the session ends for 1 week. So all doubts will be answered

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" Hi, I am Ritaban Dey, a full-time artist, and entrepreneur, also the co-founder of Vivid Trails Studios. I have noticed that most businesses, artists, or freelancers fail to upscale or start their digital business or sell online due to the lack of marketing strategy or they don't how to optimize properly so that their website can bring regular sales saving huge marketing budget and increasing profit. Having dealt with such issues myself during the past few years, now I am glad to help more people like me start/scale their digital businesses

What's So Special About This?

The most special thing about my sessions is that they live one-on-one sessions, so I won't be sharing the same tips and formulas to everyone which may or may not work for you, which unfortunately is done by most marketing/ business consultants. Instead in my session, I will guide you personally to resolve and scale your business idea in the most unique ways possible. And since it's a private session all our conversations and ideation will be 100% confidential. The idea that worked best for your friend may not work for you, so I believe every marketing strategy should be unique in its own way in order to grow fast.


Will this help me start or scale my business?

Our marketing strategies has has helped many businesses upscale themselves which includes startups, companies and even freelancers.

Is the information I share with you confidential?

I don't reveal name or ideas shared by any person or brand, its totally confidential.

Is this Offline or Online?

This will be a 1 hour private online consultation session and will be held on Google Meet.

What will be the charges?

As an introductory offer the charges will be ₹5000 only, but we will only take the registration fees once you fill up the form below informing what topics you wish to discuss in the session.

Sounds Interesting?

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Submit your details below so that we can understand if we can help you with the topics you wish to discuss. We will get back to you via mail after reviewing your request.