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learn deeply about 

Floral Mandala

 What You'll Learn:

  • Day 1 - Basics of Pattern-making                           Basics of Floral Drawings

  • Day 2 - Creating a Floral Composition, Basics of color theory, Choosing your Color Palette, Coloring of Floral elements 

  • Day 3 - Understanding Mandala Grid Formation. Creating an Intricate Mandala with Floral center. 

  • Day 4 - Combining Florals with Mandala (Half n Half Floral Mandala)

  • Day 5 - Combining Florals with Mandala (Sunflower Floral wreath mandala)

  • Day 6 - Basics of Lotus drawing in symmetry, Filling of Lotus Petals & Creating a Lotus-inspired Mandala.


Materials Can be Shipped if not available. 

Materials You need to Arrange: 

  • You need to arrange Drawing book or Drawing Sheets & Square Grid Sheet

  • Pens (Fineliners or Gel Pen)

  • Ruler, Compass, Protractor

  • Pencil and eraser.

  • Color pencils/ sketch pen/ brush pens/ watercolors (optional)

Having questions or doubts?

Full Course Details:

Date & Time:

It is a 3-week course, a total of 6 LIVE CLASSES will be provided, classes will be held on Google Meet.

DATE: Starting from 7th May, 2022

TIME-3 PM - 5 PM IST (Saturday & Sunday)

Age limit: 12 and above


The recorded session will be mailed along with the live session (will be available for 7days)



Course Highlights: Beginner Friendly, Personal Assitance, Weekend Classes, 6 Day Live Session, Limited Participants, Age Limit: 12 and above

Special Offer Price 

35% off



Last 3 seats left!

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