Sketching & Watercolor Live Classes

learn deeply about 

Acrylic painting


4 Live Classes


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Master the artform in 1 month

In our live classes, we teach you everything you need to know about acrylic painting, transforming the way you make art. Immerse yourself in the creative process and leave the class with your own stunning, imagination-inspired painting and a new set of lifelong skills.

What you will learn!

  • Introduction to Acrylic Basics

  • Introduction to Acrylic Materials so that you choose the correct supplies for your artwork.

  • Color theory and color mixing.

  • Understanding of Acrylic Tones and Values

  • Grammars of  Composition

  • Blending Acrylics and creating smooth gradients

  • Adding details, creating depth, and highlight

  • Do and Don'ts of Acrylic Paintings

  • Tree study in acrylics, how to create the texture of the bark, adding leaves, and defining the structure.

  • Detailed Cloud study in acrylics using tones and creating volume.

  • Water reflection and ripples study to create realistic looking water in acrylics. 

  • Creating Different landscapes using acrylics.


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