We introduce you to geomterical pattern making in this beginner friendly workshop,

 forming a Mandala within & creating an Interlocked Rhombus Mandala.

Mode: Held on Google Meet.

Date: 8th October 2021

Time: 6 pm - 8 pm (IST)

What You'll Learn:

 1. How to construct a geometrical interlocked shape
2. Basics of
Pattern making & forming intricate pattern detailings
3. Combining & forming mandala patterns inside of the interlocked shapes

4. How to achieve symmetry free handedly
5. Different ways to use colors to enhance your work.

Materials needed:

 1. A5/A4 Drawing paper(120gsm or above) 
2. Fineliners/Gel Pen
3. Pencil, Eraser, Ruler, Protractor & compass
4. Any Coloring Medium (optional)

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