Most logo design and branding courses only teach you software. The whole logo thinking, designing process, and brainstorming process are often skipped. Learning the full techniques from professionals will boost your creativity level and gain your practical knowledge by which will help you in getting freelance projects of your own.

Certified Online Logo Design Course

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1st July,2020

Course Overview:

Get into the most demanded design course

The Certified logo design course is a program that gives a highly comprehensive knowledge of how art and design should be blended to form visual solutions.

The students are taught the use of right visual elements in the most creative and balanced way to rightly convey any idea, concept,or product/service. Beyond providing the visual communication, the students are familiarized with numerous mediums in which they can apply their skills and groom as an all-round logo design professional. This opens up opportunities for them in every key sector, from advertising, games to e-learning corporate and publishing firms.

Why Logo Design?

Logo Designers are the ones stirring up every business, education, and entertainment by precisely communicating with consumers. As a career, Logo Designing can never stop giving you opportunities until there are brands, products, and services. As the need for branding, marketing, advertising, the demand for skilled Logo Designers also grow.

 Also, Indian Graphic Designers have numerous opportunities in the US, UK, Middle East countries, Singapore, Germany, and many more via freelance platforms. So undoubtedly, Logo Designing is the best promising career for passionate minds.


If you are the one who enjoys understanding the inner meaning of logos and designs, loves to play around with colors and font styles, there is no age limit.

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You can either pay for the 2-month course at once or pay on a monthly basis 

For full course (2 months)

 ₹ 6000/-

Montly fees (1st month )

 ₹ 3500/-

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