Sketching & Watercolor Live Classes


learn deeply about

mix-media CITYSCAPES 

Duration:2 months

16 Live Classes

Recordings also provided




Master the artform in 2 months

You can also create such beautiful paintings and learn deeply about the grammers of painting cityscapes from experienced professional artist. Immerse yourself in the creative process and leave the class with your own stunning, imagination-inspired paintings and a new set of lifelong skills.

Learn All About Mix-Media Architechture

✔️ Grammars & fundamentals of Architectural Structures

✔️ Tonals values, Adding highlights and depths

✔️ Understanding Light and shade in architectural study to add a realistic feel to your cityscape

✔️Understanding watercolor, layering techniques & paper conditions.

✔️Grammars of perspective to create architectural structure & cityscapes

✔️Hatching and shading techniques using fineliner/ink

✔️ Different types of perspective study to create architectural structures & cityscapes

✔️ Advanced architectural & cityscape studies in Watercolors and Ink(mix-media)

Full Course Details:
It is a 2-month certified course, where 16 Live sessions will be provided, which will be held on Google Meet.
✔️ 32 hrs of Live Guidance.

Classes will be held on weekends(Sat, Sun)
6 pm -8 pm IST (Indian Standard Time).

Starting Date: 18th September, 2021.
The recorded session will be mailed (will be available for 7days)

Materials required:
1. Round Brushes(preferred Brustro MOP Brushes)         
2.  Hot pressed Watercolor paper 300gsm size A4(25% cotton)
3. Artist's Watercolors(Brustro/ Camlin)    4. Fineliners of Different Tip sizes(preferred Brustro)
5.Masking Tape                                                  6. Palette


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