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Full Course Details:
☑️ It is a 2-month certified course, where 16 Live sessions will be provided, which will be held on Google Meet.
☑️ 32 hrs of Live Guidance. 
Classes will be held on weekends(Sat, Sun)from 5 pm -7 pm IST (Indian Standard Time).
☑️Starting Date: 27th November, 2021. 

☑️ The WhatsApp group for the session will be created 1 day prior to the course starts where we would share the joining links.

The recorded session will be mailed to you only if you miss the live session. (will be available for 7days)

Materials Needed:

  • 300gsm Watercolor Papers

  • Watercolor Brushes (MOP or Round)

  • Pallette

  • Masking Tape

  • Artist's Watercolors


☑️ Understanding Grammars of Composition

☑️ Learn The Watercolor Painting Equipments

☑️ Master basic techniques of watercolors

☑️ How to build observation skills 

☑️ How to draw a proportionate still life drawing

☑️ How to add details, depth, light & shadow with  watercolors to give a realistic effect

☑️ How to build a still life from the everyday objects around you

☑️ How to understand colors, tones & values to give the painting a 3D look

☑️ How to paint from Photo references of still life & arrrangement of composition

☑️ Understanding transparent watercolor medium to give your painting soft but realistic outlook.


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Course Highlights: Beginner Friendly, Personal Assitance, Weekend Classes, 16 Day Live Session, Limited Participants, Age Limit: 14 and above

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Course Fees: 90USD