We introduce you to unique fusion mandala combining another art form-stippling with an alternative pattern in a spiral form. Join in to add a fusion to your regular mandalas & indulge in a therapeutic process.

Mode: Google Meet

Date: 12th December 2021

Time: 3 pm - 5 pm (IST)

What You'll Learn:

 1. Basics of Pattern making
2. Creating & forming new patterns in each layers

3. Forming the Mandala Grid

4. Adding pattern shapes of alternate sizes
5. How to form the spiral formation within the mandala

6. Stippling technique & how to incorporate in your mandala to create the fusion mandala

7. Creating a complete stippled spiral mandala

Materials needed:

  • Drawing Paper (100gsm or above)

  • Pens- Preferably Fineliners (or Gel Pens) 

  • Ruler, Compass & Protractor

  • Pencil & eraser

  • Any Coloring Medium (optional)

The recorded session will be mailed along with the Live Class. (Will be available for 7 days)

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