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Learn Painting From Professionals!

In our live classes, we teach you everything you need to know about sketching & watercolor painting, transforming the way you make art. Immerse yourself in the creative process and leave the class with your own stunning, imagination-inspired painting and a new set of lifelong skills.

Topics Covered in the Masterclass

✔️ Grammars & fundamentals of Landscape Study in sketch

✔️ Tonals values, Adding highlights and depths using watercolors

✔️ Understanding Light and shade in landscape study

✔️Understanding watercolor, layering techniques & paper conditions.

✔️ Painting Landscapes using transparent watercolor techniques

✔️Grammars of color perspective to create depth in painting

✔️ How to paint different elements of landscape study in watercolor

✔️ Monochromatic Landscape study in watercolor

✔️ Different types of landscape & seascape study 

✔️ Intermediate to Advanced landscape study using watercolors

Why Should You Enroll In Our Course!

✔️ Our sessions have an average of 10 students so that we can understand and give personal guidance to everyone.

✔️ Our sessions are guided by professional artists giving the right education which helps in building a strong foundation. 

✔️ We provide recorded sessions after the session ends so you can always practice the artforms and master them.

✔️ We highly prioritize doubt clearing sessions so that all of your questions can be answered.

✔️ Our sessions are highly interactive so that everyone can actively participate and enjoy while learning

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