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We organize fun group art activities for personal or 
corporate parties/events!

Art classes are scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression while increasing focus, problem-solving, self-esteem, positive mood, productivity, and “happiness hormones”. Our LIVE, fully customized online art and wellness class experiences are tailor-made according to your needs, interests, and goals. Our amazing team of coordinators and professional artists make booking quick & EASY. We know how to energize a group, unleash hidden creativity and ignite all abilities to get out of their comfort zone to make a piece of art they didn’t think possible. Together with a vibrant and visionary team, we bring memorable corporate painting events that boost morale and wellbeing.

Why Art  Events

Are Important?

Boost Morale: Give introverts and Artists a Chance to Shine. Oftentimes, team-building events are sport or physically demanding, which is fine but not everyone can excel in that, nor is everyone capable. There is nothing more fulfilling than getting a chance to showcase one’s creation to the group and receive their acknowledgementand positive feedback.

Trusted by organizations & professionals across the world

Groups of all sizes are love Art Event Experiences for their employee engagement and wellness activities.

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