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Painting with Watercolor

Get Started
With Watercolors!


Materials Needed:

  • Watercolor Papers

  • Watercolor Brushes

  • Pallette

  • Masking Tape

  • Watercolors

A detailed guide about what materials to use is included in this course

Key Highlights:

  • Full lifetime access to content

  • 1 premium E-book

  • 3 hrs of video guidance

  • Exclusive discount coupons on art materials

  • All the materials are self explanatory and guided by experienced full time artist


What you'll learn

☑️ Understand Watercolor Painting Basics

☑️ Learn The Basic Watercolor Painting Equipment

☑️ Master basic techniques

☑️ How to avoid patchy, overworked paintings

☑️ How to do a wash (The right way)

☑️ How to layer or glaze to make your paintings glow

☑️ The biggest take away about Color Theory

☑️ Paint Sea and Landscape 

☑️ Colorful Skies

☑️ Distant Mountains and Trees

☑️ Paint branches and trees

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Course Description:

The course is for anyone who wants to learn to paint in watercolors but who does not know where to begin. At the start of the course I will show you what materials you will need, and how to set up a palette with colors. I keep these materials to a bare minimum so that it won't cost you the earth!   There is then an exercise in mixing paint with water that will teach you how to get dark and light shades of the same color. Next you will learn how to lay down a flat wash and a wet-in-wet wash of color. These are things that you will do in all your paintings in the future and so are important to learn right from the start. 

The course continues with an exploration of the different marks that our brushes can make, and this will show you how to get great freedom and life into your paintings. We finish up with a landscape painting using tonal values showing a range of hills & we will also make a beautiful sunset seascape along with that (as shown in the images above), shown step-by-step, which uses all these techniques put together. 

Key Points:
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Anchor 1 Watercolor

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