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  • These Professional Artists’ Fluid Acrylics are highly pigmented. Excellent lightfastness. Exceptional brilliance. High coverage. UV Resistant. Inter mixable. No fillers, dyes or extenders used.
  • These Fluid acrylic paints are ideal for Pouring techniques, Dry brush application, Spraying, Fine Brushwork, Staining Techniques, Water media techniques
  • Having the same pigment load as Brustro Heavybody, Brustro Fluid Acrylics allow smooth flow applications while retaining the colour intensity.
  • Despite its liquid-like paint texture, each colour is highly pigmented with excellent lightfastness. The colours appear dark on initial application but can be easily spread with a brush and diluted with water to reveal colour graduation just like watercolours. Compatible with all acrylic mediums and is a perfect additive to pouring mediums for liquid art. contains – Titanium White, Yellow Mid Azo, Naphthol Scarlet, Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green And Carbon Black

Brustro Professional Artists Fluid Acrylic 20 ml Primary Colours Pack of 5 + 1 F

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